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Fifi Abu

 Fifi Abu is the manager of youth services in a large urban library system, and oversees services for teens and children at 26 libraries. In this role she has coordinated city-wide multilingual literacy campaigns and brought innovative programs such as the inclusive and colorful Drag Queen Story Hour and arts-based programs exploring social justice with kids. She spearheaded initiatives in the library system to serve the needs of the whole child, with lunch and snack programs, and getting new winter coats to children in need. Ms. Abu holds a master's degree in children's literature and a master's degree in library science, both from Simmons College. Her interest in art was evident at an early age, as there are photos of her eating crayons when she was 5 months old. Now she likes to work in ink, watercolor, and gouache, as well as with colored pencils and markers. Ms. Abu proudly served on the 2019 Caldecott Committee, where she had the opportunity to read over 800 picture books.


Some surprising things to know about Fifi Abu are that she…


...once belly danced with a live orchestra in Casablanca

...won a city-wide library poster contest in fourth grade with a poster that said “Hey diddle, diddle, the cat and the fiddle, the cow went to the library”

...spent her 21st birthday with the legendary punk rock band The Ramones

...appeared on television with Governor Jerry Brown of California

...visited the Carmen Miranda Museum in Rio de Janeiro

...drank champagne with Maya Angelou when she was 15

...rode a motorcycle all over the island of Naxos in Greece

...has two bricks from Andy Warhol’s last factory at 860 Broadway


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